Wednesday, 6 October 2010

ohh wait it's a gummy spiderrrrr

he's so cool.

shockwaves nme awards 2009 - mgmt, best track.

"yeah we're the shit."
i love the fact that they just don't care and that they're not 'deep' or serious people. i love mgmt.

shockwaves nme awards 2009 - mgmt, best new band.

i don't think andrew vanwyngarden knows just how attractive he is.
oh ad i love their accents. absolutely adore it.

2 minutes with andrew vanwyngarden.

wow. straight A student. no lower than B. i'm in love. he's, he's just amazing.

these are all basically andrew vanwyngarden and ben goldwasser.

hi thereeeeee lookin' fineee.

look at andrew's face! 

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

mgmt - someone's missing.

the third track of their second excellent album.

mgmt - congratulations. live.

the 9th track in their second album.

more andrew vanwyngarden.

just, just andrew looking beautiful.

shockwaves nme awards 2009.

shockwaves nme awards 2008

i'm still sad.

mgmt had a concert at the O2 in london a few weeks ago and my friend had TWO concert tickets and she invited me to come with her and take the second ticket. so i went and asked my parents if i could go, they said yes until they asked me where it was. as soon as i said "the O2" they were like no! it's not safe there! you should be with an adult! you're a minor blaah de blaah and i'm still sad about it! my friend went and she got andrew's guitar pick along with many salutes and smiles from the rest of the band, that lucky bum. WAAAAAAAAAAAHH i should have gone! boohoo.

mgmt - anything could happen.

mgmt - song for dan treacy live. look at andrew!

i love mgmt so much.

Monday, 4 October 2010